Back online, and coming soon to bookstores

Hi! Okay, it's been a while. Many years, in fact.

But I've been busy: writing a book. Called Darktown. And it's coming out in September!

By the time Darktown hits the stores, it will have been five years since my last book. I'm amazed by that, but hey, life happens. I have kids. Things work out, then they don't, then they totally do.

The other good news is that Darktown is the start of a series, and I'm very far into the second book, so the wait next time should be very brief indeed.

Darktown is the product of years of research and writing, of kicking ideas around (with myself and with friends), of trying something new, of creating a world that people will enjoy losing themselves in. I'm thrilled that it's been generating a lot of interest already--it's been named one of the Buzz Books at the upcoming Book Expo, the publishing industry's big conference, and the TV rights have been optioned by Pascal Pictures and Sony TV, with Jamie Foxx and Amy Pascal as co-executive producers. I can't wait to get it into people's hands.

In the meantime, I vow to become a more regular blogger, and Lord knows there's plenty of current events that eerily play into the themes of the book.

More coming soon...