Other writing

I don't always write book-length (although, yeah, I usually do). Here are some shorter pieces I've penned:

Are You A Southern Writer Or A Brooklyn Writer? A short take on my literary conversion from Northeastern writer to whatever the heck it is I am now. Take this handy quiz to find out what YOU really are.

Curious about the inspiration behind DarktownRead this article from Atlanta Magazine, in which I explain where I got the idea and tell more about the true history behind the book.

Last Call at the Stork Hotel, short fiction published in The Bitter Southerner. What happens when a couple finally learns their adoption of a Chinese baby has been approved the same day that the dad loses his job to China? Find out.

Spellbinder, my true crime piece for Atlanta Magazine. Mitchell Gross wrote thrillers, but he was also an attorney, a scientist, a successful businessman, a Hollywood darling, and a charmer of women. He was none of these things. He was more. Why did so many people fall for his lies?

Are Novels Boring? In Defense of An Art Form. My essay for Paste Magazine explaining why well-crafted novels are so much harder to pull off than strings of interconnected short stories, contrary to what most critics seem to think.

Here are two interviews I did with two of my favorite writers, Jess Walter and Olen Steinhauer.