Lightning Men

Listen to Thomas talk about Lightning Men with NPR's Scott Simon on Weekend Edition.

Two more interviews for Lightning Men, with local Atlanta NPR stations WABE and GPB.

Yes, they're working on a Darktown TV show.



Here's a video of Thomas talking about some of the inspiration for Darktown.

Listen to Thomas and his editor, Dawn Davis, interviewed on NPR's Morning Edition.

Curious about the inspiration behind DarktownRead this article from Atlanta Magazine, in which Thomas explains where he got the idea and tells more about the true history behind the book.

Here's an excerpt of the Darktown audiobook, as read by actor Andre Holland (The Knick, Selma). Buy the audiobook on iTunes or Audible.

Listen to an interview on Atlanta's WABE.

Listen to an interview on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Here's a conversation between myself and my good friend, Emory history professor Joe Crespino, about Darktown and Atlanta history.