Here's a video of Thomas talking about some of the inspiration for Darktown.

Listen to Thomas and his editor, Dawn Davis, interviewed on NPR's Morning Edition.

Curious about the inspiration behind Darktown? Read this article from Atlanta Magazine, in which Thomas explains where he got the idea and tells more about the true history behind the book.

Here's an excerpt of the Darktown audiobook, as read by actor Andre Holland (The Knick, Selma). Buy the audiobook on iTunes or Audible.

Listen to an interview on Atlanta's WABE.

Listen to an interview on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

Yes, they're working on a Darktown TV show.


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“One incendiary image ignites the next in this highly combustible procedural, set in the city’s rigidly segregated black neighborhoods during the pre-civil-rights era and written with a ferocious passion that’ll knock the wind out of you. … Fascinating.

-The New York Times Book Review


"Intense ... Gripping. … A complicated crime fiction that melds an intense plot with fully realized characters. At times, Mullen’s unflinching description in exploring the bigotry and hatred the rookie officers experience make Darktown an upsetting read. Yet this authenticity adds to the realism and relevance of Darktown, bringing to mind 2016 confrontations between police and blacks."

-Associated Press


"This is high-quality historical crime fiction with a nimble sense of history and well-researched details, quick on its feet and vividly drawn."

-Dallas Morning News


“An engrossing account of race and law enforcement in Atlanta that doubles as a crackling mystery storyDespite being a period piece, Darktown serves as pointed commentary on the American tensions of race and the criminal justice system.”

-Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"Movingly depicted scenes and solid character development. ... Mullen is a wonderful architect of intersecting plotlines and unexpected answers. But you also want justice, which you know neither Mullen nor our own time can provide. ... Compelling works of fiction such as Mullen’s walk a fine line between art that reminds us of horrors past and art that trades on them with pieces too unfinished to play with."

-Washington Post


"Mullen’s epic novel works both as a fast-paced, hard-boiled thriller with the sweep of L.A. Confidential and as a vivid depiction of systemic police racism and corruption, all the while alive to the complexities and subtleties surrounding class, religion and sex within the black community. In this age of Black Lives Matter, a historical crime novel might well be the most topical book of the season.

-Irish Times


"Thomas Mullen’s absorbing new mystery, reminiscent of E.L. Doctorow in a genre mood, is about the first black police officers hired by the city of Atlanta in 1948.  ... Mullen is a skillful writer, his tale a wrenching recreation of a time whose inexcusable racial imbalances have survived all too visibly into our own America."

-USA Today


"Some books educate, some books entertain, Thomas Mullen’s Darktown is the rare book that does both. … Mullen masterfully creates the world in which (his characters) live. He brings to the reader the stinging heat, the bitter smells, the glare of the sun and the grime of the red dirt that is natural to this section of the country. Even better, he gets inside the souls of the oppressed and the minds of the oppressors. … Darktown is a novel that holds up a mirror to the vestiges of discrimination that remain alive and well today. … Impossible to put down. … You should read Darktown in order to understand the past, but more importantly to understand the present."

-Huffington Post


"Mullen uses the lens of a twisted murder mystery to unsettle readers with his unflinching looks at racism in post-WWII Atlanta… This page-turner reads like the best of James Ellroy."

-Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)


"The book’s research into Atlanta of the period is thorough and intense, and even though an engrossing crime story is worked into the narrative, it’s the vivid portrait of a post-war southern American city almost consumed with a loathing of black people that makes Darktown so riveting."

-Toronto Star


"This novel is hard to read, and even harder to put down."

-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


"The breakneck plot soon rollicks across bootlegging and prostitution (from which the cops take a cut), as well as politics and lynching, a noxious stew sizzling in Atlanta’s summer heat. … A fine, unflinching example of the increasingly widespread use of crime fiction to explore social issues; its plot is gripping."

-The Economist


"Fast-paced and unsettling... The setting of Darktown might be the 1940s, but the resonances are unmistakeably contemporary. ... Mullen is adept at creating individuals rather than stereotypes. ...He has created in Darktown a police procedural with a real difference. The result successfully combines the pleasures of the best crime fiction with a story that anatomizes the kind of racial tensions that plague America today."

-Sunday Times (London)


"Mullen blends the classic ingredients of det-fic noir with a well-researched and searing portrayal of pre-Civil Rights racial division. Magnificent and shocking."

-Sunday Times Crime Club (London)


"Fine Southern storytelling meets hard-boiled crime in a tale that connects an overlooked chapter of history to our own continuing struggles with race today."

-Charles Frazier author of Cold Mountain


"Tenebrous and super-cinematic -- film/television rights are already with Sony -- and no so small sense reminiscent of 1997's L.A. Confidential."

-Seattle Review of Books


"As his previous historical novels have proven, Mullen is skilled at bringing the past to life, both socially and visually… fans of well-written literary thrillers will want this expert example."

-Library Journal

"From the very first page of Darktown, I was stunned, mesmerized, and instantly a huge fan of Thomas Mullen. Beyond the history and the thrilling mystery, the book’s soul lies in the burgeoning partnership (and dare I say friendship) at the center of the book. It’s a reminder of the ties that cut across race in America. There is nothing I love more in a book than hope."

-Attica Locke, author of Pleasantville, writer/producer of Empire

Darktown is a novel readers won’t soon forget, not just because of its thoroughly engrossing, suspense-filled plot, but because of the historical, moral complexity contained within its pages. … The story evokes parallels to racial injustices within the law enforcement community that persist to this day, making this an even more compelling and thought-provoking read. Mullen paints a vivid portrait of racial inequality and a dark period in American history that cannot soon be forgotten.”



“A remarkable mix of deeply resonant Southern history and old-school cop thriller. … Mullen spins a shockingly realistic crime tale that is buffeted constantly by the racial tension of the Jim Crow-era South. I couldn’t put it down. Evidently, the same was true for Jamie Foxx, who is set to produce a TV series based on the book.

-The Bitter Southerner


“A gritty, beautifully written police procedural doubling as a searing indictment of the racial tensions that then and now bedevil American society.”

-Irish Independent


"Immensely successful as both a thriller and a historical novel."

-Morning Star (UK)


“The novel boldly displays the corruption and power wielded by white cops and politicians.  … Darktown is a compelling, well-crafted read, and a reminder of how far we have come as a nation from a time when race defined success and opportunity. Or have we?”

-NY Journal of Books


A hard-boiled historical gem. … Mullen unfolds a complex story that echoes the corruption-driven period noirs of James Ellroy and the blood’n’guilt-stained tragedies of Ross Macdonald. Mullen’s story twists through big-city corruption, unforgiven sins, deeply ingrained prejudices, brutal violence, and vivid depictions of a society that seems almost like an alien world, though it is barely removed from our own time. … Rather than clubbing the reader with expository passages, Mullen builds that picture through the skillful use of character-driven episodes. … Darktown excels as a thrilling hardboiled mystery, a fascinating historical novel, and as an examination of the dark and bloody ground that American race relations are rooted in to this day. Ultimately what makes this fine novel truly succeed is the basic humanity and hope embodied in its primary characters.”

-Chapter 16


"Mullen’s attention to historical detail and living, breathing narrative draws readers into an engaging crime story that could only happen here."

-Creative Loafing (Atlanta)


"Mullen’s writing is extremely evocative in bringing the pre–civil rights South to life."

-Booklist (Starred Review)


"Brutal, harrowing, full of anger yet atmospheric, compelling and layered with hope."

-Weekend Sport (UK)


"A novel that couldn't be timelier."

-O Magazine


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